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SMART Connect Programs

Interactive SEL Lessons and Activities for the Classroom

Wha-Cha-Wanna-Do? Interactive Stories

This SMART Connect program includes three separate choice-infused stories that each present a moral dilemma which has literally hundreds of ways the story can play out. Each story can be read and worked-through by individual students using a computer, or in small groups or classrooms using a SMART board. While reading a story, students are presented choices along the way. After making each choice, the story will continue based on that decision. Thus, each story can proceed in multiple directions depending on the choices the readers make. By working through a story repeatedly while making different choices, students can explore probable consequences from many good and bad choices.

Illustrations, animations and sound effects are included to enhance each story.

Story 1: Spray Paint... A Peer Pressure Problem

Story 2: Copy of the Test... A Cheating Problem

Story 3: Sticky Fingers... A Shoplifting Story

Success in the Game of Life and School

These highly interactive lessons teach, reinforce, and apply the success skills of good character to real-life situations. The lessons can be taught using a computer or device or on interactive whiteboards such as SMART™ Boards & Promethean™ Boards. Each sports-themed lesson utilizes an encouraging game that relates the lesson to a success skill. Each skill is defined and insights are provided to help students understand its benefits. Engaging, interactive activities are provided to reinforce each concept and to guide the students in applying each skill to their own lives. Lessons include:

  • Hit a Homerun with RESPECT (Baseball)
  • Score with Being RESPONSIBLE (Basketball)
  • Move to the Next Level with Being THANKFUL (Video Game)
  • You're in the Winner's Circle When You Are CARING (Horse Race)
  • Touchdown with SELF-DISCIPLINE (Football)
  • Serve Up Success by Being COOPERATIVE (Volleyball)
  • HONESTY is the Best Policy (Game of Tag)
  • Go for the Gold: Be a GOOD CITIZEN (The Olympic Games)
  • Kick It With COURAGE (Soccer)
  • A Day in the Life of a Student ...applying the SUCCESS SKILLS(Summary)

Multi-Topic Lessons - VOLUME 2

VOLUME 2 of our very popular SMART Connect Multi-Topic Programs. Students will be engaged and ready to learn with these fun, interactive lessons that can be used on any digital whiteboard such as SMART Boards™ or Promethean Boards™ or on a computer or device.

The 10 interactive lessons in this program include:

  • 4,3,2,1... Managing Anger Is Simple and Fun: Developing Anger Management Skills
  • It's Your Choice! Understanding Choices and Consequences
  • Learn To Do It Now, Not Later - You Can Be a Communicator: Developing Good Communication Skills
  • Problems, Pressures, and Peers - Oh My! Learning to Cope
  • Are You Willing to Wait? Learning To Be Patient
  • What To Do When Peers Put the Pressure On You! Saying NO To Negative Peer Pressure
  • Too Close for Comfort! Understanding and Respecting Personal Space
  • You Can Be a Positive Thinker! Focusing on What's Right Instead of What's Wrong
  • The 3 Keys to Success on Tests: Test-Taking Tips and Skills
  • School Is Your Work, Learning Is Your Job! Developing Good Work Habits

STARS of Social Emotional Learning

IN A NEARBY GALAXY... the SEL beings! Join them in this exciting program as they teach children crucial social-emotional skills through various lessons and activities that are fun, educational, and effective! This resource is a dynamic psychoeducational tool for school counselors, educators, or other mental health professionals to use with their students or clients. With this resource, children will learn how to reframe mental health struggles, handle life's challenges, and build healthy coping skills.

The lessons can be completed individually, in small group counseling sessions, or as whole classroom guidance lessons. They are appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.

The popular SMART Connect Programs are designed to be quick, convenient, and easy for school educators to use!

The six lessons include:

  • Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues
  • Tackling Anxiety
  • Empathy: Helping Those Who Are Disconnected
  • Opioid Abuse Awareness and Prevention
  • The Power of Active Listening
  • Being an Upstander: Antibullying Awareness and Prevention

Multi-Topic Lessons - VOLUME 1

Get ready to energize, excite, and engage your students for learning with these 10 interactive, topic-based lessons that can be used with classes, small groups, or with individuals across the three domains of personal/social, academic and career development. They can be used on interactive whiteboards, computers and other devices. Lessons include:

  • Where Do Feelings Come From?
  • Umbrella of Self-Confidence
  • True Friends Are Treasures
  • Become Wise to Bully Behavior
  • Problem Solving with the STOP THINK and DO Method
  • Get in the Game with Good Sportsmanship
  • Let's Get Organized!
  • Use your T.O.E.S. To Help with Homework!
  • Setting Goals for Success
  • The Road to Your Future Starts Now

Teaching Self-Regulation to Children

Unique Interactive Lessons Designed for Use on Computers and Digital Whiteboards such as SMART Boards and Promethean Boards.

These highly interactive lessons are designed to teach students the skills, strategies, and behaviors they need to regulate their own physical, emotional, and cognitive processes. Lessons include:

  • Melting Freeze (Regulate BODY)
  • Animal Movements (Regulate BODY)
  • Cooling the Flame (Regulate BODY)
  • Name Your Emotions (Regulate EMOTIONS)
  • Emotional Rain Gauge (Regulate EMOTIONS)
  • Emotional Knot (Regulate EMOTIONS)
  • Don't Take the Bait (Regulate THOUGHTS)
  • Defiance Trap (Regulate THOUGHTS)
  • Domino Effect (Regulate THOUGHTS)
  • Magnetic Thoughts (Regulate THOUGHTS)


Calling all kids! Calling all kids! ALERT! An APB has just been released and an investigation is underway into the use of inappropriate and negative behaviors that are robbing the citizens of Pleasant Town of success. Join Officer Behavior and the citizens of Pleasant Town to stop Behavior Crook and learn APPROPRIATE POSITIVE BEHAVIORS while earning your Behavior Detective Badge!

Teaching Appropriate, Positive Behaviors to Children through Interactive Lessons is an amazing collection of 9 educational, exciting, and engaging lessons designed to be used with interactive whiteboards, computers, and devices. You will capture students' interest and imagination with these 9 fun lessons that can be used with classes, small groups, or individuals. The interactive lessons teach children a wide variety of appropriate, positive behaviors they can use at school, at home, and in the community.

This program includes the addition of a Game Center that has many of the games and interactive activities from the 9 lessons as stand-alone activities you can use in conjunction with other lessons, programs, curricula, or just as a quick review of a specific topic.

Lessons include:

  • Introduction to APB: Appropriate, Positive Behaviors! - Developing Successful Academic and Personal-Social Behaviors
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors in the Classroom - Academic Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors with Peers and Adults at School - Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success with Others
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors for Listening, Studying, and Doing Homework - Academic Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success with Schoolwork
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors for When There's a Problem - Personal-Social Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success in Difficult Situations
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors for Unfamiliar Situations - Personal-Social Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success When We're Not Sure What to Do!
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors for Working in Groups - Personal-Social Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success When We're Working in a Group
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors for When We're in Public - Personal-Social Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success When We're Out on the Town
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors for When We're a Guest - Personal-Social Behaviors that Help Us Achieve Success When We Are Visiting Someone
  • Appropriate, Positive Behaviors - Welcome to the Game Center!

The Amazing Empathy Engineers

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for an incredible adventure with the Amazing Empathy Engineers! Jen, Jack, Ria, and Randy are always on the move — helping kids everywhere build essential empathy and compassion skills that will help them experience greater happiness for themselves and others; develop better and more fulfilling friendships; and lead a healthier lifestyle.

These highly interactive games, and a multicultural, global context will dazzle and engage your students as they learn:

  • What is empathy?
  • The difference between empathy and compassion
  • How to "read" situations and the emotions of others
  • What it's like to stand in someone else's shoes
  • How to demonstrate compassion to people and animals
  • How to encourage others through strength coaching
  • How empathy can help combat bullying
  • How empathy can help us solve conflicts and problems peacefully
  • How empathy can help us celebrate and embrace diversity

In these 10 interactive lessons designed for computers, laptops, and interactive whiteboards, the Empathy Engineers will meet kids from all walks of life and help them develop the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and skills that lead to empathy and compassion.

Be sure to check out the Empathy Engineering Laboratory which includes many of the games and interactive activities from the 10 lessons. From this lab, you can use these as stand-alone activities for a quick review or in conjunction with other lessons, programs, and curricula.

Mind Your Mindset

Mind Your Mindset will help your students unlock the power of a positive, growth-focused mindset as they accomplish difficult tasks and achieve challenging goals!

With the 10 exciting, engaging, and developmentally appropriate lessons, you can offer your students a groundbreaking growth mindset curriculum - the first of its kind! Highly interactive games, animated sequences, and thought-provoking scenarios help your students develop and maintain a positive, can-do mindset as they explore the power of mindset through these lesson topics:

  • Lesson One: An Introduction to Mindset
  • Lesson Two: Where Do Mindsets Come From?
  • Lesson Three: Developing a Positive, Can Do Mindset
  • Lesson Four: Developing the Mindset of a Successful Learner
  • Lesson Five: Perfecting Your Goal Setting Mindset
  • Lesson Six: The Role of Effort and Practice
  • Lesson Seven: The Thoughts We Think, The Words We Say
  • Lesson Eight: Your Mindset and Bullying
  • Lesson Nine: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - How Your Mindset Can Help!
  • Lesson Ten: Conflicts and Problems - Use Your Mindset!

Multi-Topic Lessons VOLUME 3

Multi-Topic - VOLUME 3 features 10 highly interactive and engaging lessons that are designed for use on the digital whiteboards, computers, and other devices. The lessons will capture students' imaginations with exciting animated sequences, games, interactive experiences, and age-appropriate lesson content on the following topics:

  • Behavioral Code Switching
  • Grit
  • Body Image
  • Digital Citizenship (Internet Safety)
  • Grief
  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Advanced Study Skills
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Kid-Friendly Data and How to Use It
  • Anger Management

Classroom Clash - Relationships Edition


Using a different format than the other SMART Connect Programs, Classroom Clash turns an upper elementary or middle school classroom into a "Family Feud"-like game show, with your students as the contestants. Two teams will compete to share their knowledge about topics involving relationships. Questions can be mixed and matched, so no two games ever have to be the same. This game can be played on any touch screen device, digital whiteboard, or computer and covers the following 6 topics:

  • Friendship
  • Responsibility
  • Gossip
  • Social Media
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress

Peacemaking with Amanda the Peacemaker Panda

The popular SMART Connect Programs are designed to be quick, convenient, and easy for educators to use!

Amanda the Peacemaker Panda teaches students about conflict, including what causes it and how to use a simple conflict resolution model. Students also learn how communication problems, including misunderstandings and miscommunication, can lead to conflicts and a valuable lesson about how to resolve conflicts with adults!

Students will love the exciting, animated sequences and interactive games in Amanda the Peacemaker Panda. The six lessons include:

  • What is Conflict and What is Peace?
  • How and Why Do Conflicts Happen?
  • Using Caring Communication during a Conflict
  • Using a Simple Conflict Resolution Model
  • How to Handle a Conflict with an Adult
  • Welcome to the Peacemaker Fair!

Understanding and Using Your Personal Strengths

Discovering Personal Strengths with Grinner and Blackbelt

Grinner (the flying squirrel) and Blackbelt (the martial-art-master raccoon) teach children about PERSONAL STRENGTHS and how they can be used to help us become more effective socially, emotionally, and academically. Everyone has a unique combination of personal strengths. It can be extremely helpful for young people to recognize their own unique combination of these assets. In this program, children learn about their personal strengths and how they can use them to approach big & little challenges and reach short & long-term goals. Once children become more aware of their personal strengths, they become more creative and effective in approaching challenging issues they face every day. In the process, they also become better encouragers of others by recognizing and describing the personal strengths they notice in them.

These interactive lessons are fun and memorable and can be taught to individuals, in small groups or classroom lessons, or at home with a parent or guardian.

The six lessons include:

  • Understanding Personal Strengths
  • Energizing Your Personal Strengths with Short-Term Goals
  • Energizing Your Personal Strengths to Reach Long-Term Goals
  • Energizing Your Personal Strengths to Solve Little Deals
  • Energizing Your Personal Strengths to Solve Big Deals
  • The Personal Power Transfigulator

Social-Emotional Learning Resources for Parents to Use at Home   CLICK TO VIEW ALL


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