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The School with No Rules


Operation Breaking the Boy Code
By: Poppy Moon

Operation: Breaking the Boy Code is a one of a kind 8-week small group guidance program for boys in 3-5th grades. This innovative expressive art therapy group gives boys a rare opportunity to experience and celebrate different areas of masculinity.

Boys work their way through 7 exciting lessons that examine the definition of masculinity and meaning of brotherhood in a variety of cultures.

  • The group will join in at the Round Table with King Arthur and his knights as they learn about chivalry bravery and courage.
  • They will pow wow with the American Indians while creating a 6 foot high group totem pole that showcases that animal nature of each member.
  • Group members will turn into fantastical superheroes who work together to save the day.
  • The boys will study under Samurai masters as they learn the art of peace.
  • They will journey to England to study the Magician's Code that binds the Brotherhood of Magicians.

The program ends with a special initiation ceremony that taps members into the Boy Code Brotherhood. This rite-of-passage style ritual reveals the secrets of the group crest confidential group signals and group motto.

But that's not all!

Each lesson comes with additional extension activities for Super Counselors and high mess activities for Daring Counselors! Lessons also include a special lesson plan for individual counseling.


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