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Grade Levels: K thru 5

Size: 3 x 4.5

ISBN: 1598500864

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Snoots Toots Game of Empathy and Manners


Snoots Studies Card Game
By: Poppy Moon, Ph.D.

Snoots puts on his thinking cap in Snoots Studies! A Kid's loveable Snoots and Dr. Poppy Moon team up to create an entirely new set of cards that can be used alone or with the original Snoots Toots! game board. Kids in grades K-5 will have a fabulous time learning about the importance of good study habits study skills and test taking skills.

Snoots Studies contains a set of 50 cards for students in K-5 and an additional 100 cards that are appropriate for students in grades 3-5. This game's easy instructions and simple setup make it the perfect game for individual small group and classroom guidance!

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