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Classroom Guidance Games with CD
By: Shannon Trice Black

Classroom Guidance Games is designed to be a friendly, easy, fun tool for counselors and teachers to use in the classroom. Each of these fifty 'tried and true' games are easy to assemble require little preparation and only 30 minutes to play. Students will love these games which get them out of their seats and engage their minds as well as their bodies. They will learn ways to deal with anger homework bullies safety goals friends and their futures! The following are a few of the games you will find inside.

  • Safety Soccer
    (safety for self and others)
  • Sticks and Stones
    (tattling respect for self and others)
  • Positive Hot Potato
    (self-esteem social skills)
  • Communication Charades
    (understanding & communicating feelings)
  • Career Bingo
    (career information & exploration)
  • Responsible Basketball
    (goal setting decision-making skills)
  • Super Prize
    (anger control positive communication)
  • Conflict Skit in a Bag
    (conflict resolution social skills)
  • Get Rich
    (careers study skills goal setting)
  • Citizenship Football
    (respect for self others & environment)

The Classroom Guidance Games CD-ROM includes all of the reproducible activities and worksheets from the book.

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