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Ugly: The Story of a Bullied Girl (eBook Only)
By: Kate MacHugh

A MUST-READ for every teenager! This is a collection of one girl's personal experiences as a victim of bullying throughout middle and high school, the effect it had on her psyche and her struggle to find her self-worth.

"The stories contained in this book are real, honest, and eye-opening. They are how I, the ugly girl, remember them to have happened. My story has shaped who I am, how I grew up, and what I have become.

Every rumor, every snide remark, every shun was enough to leave a permanent scar on my self-esteem and cause me to question every compliment I would receive.

Those who bullied me, berated me and emotionally beat me down did however give me a strength and resolve I would not have gained otherwise.

Now, I am stronger, more beautiful, and ready to tell my story. So thank you pretty, popular, mean girl, I am better than ever."

- Kate MacHugh

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