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Big Deals and Little Deals and What to Do When They Happen to You

By: Kim Edmister

At long last, simple and clear-cut guidelines for helping children differentiate big deals - situations that require adult intervention and little deals - those things children are capable of handling on their own. Eliminate the need to give constant reminders to stop tattling. Instead, empower children by prompting, Is it a big deal or a little deal? Once they have learned the difference and know the strategies, they are better equipped to cope with and handle life's everyday difficulties independently.

BONUS!!! This resource includes digital files with the story in an interactive format along with additional interactive lessons to use on your interactive whiteboards such as SMART Board™ or Promothean Board™. It also includes 11 posters in pdf format that you can print and display, tent signs for the students' desks to remind them of the strategies to handle little deals on their own, song lyrics sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider and other reproducible worksheets.


As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have the opportunity to work on the body as well as the mind. I always look for a fun and interactive way to drive the point home with the children I am working with. I have a number of children in my practice that present with dysregulatory behaviors. In addition to that the parents inform me that the children have a challenging time identifying and matching their reaction to the size of the problem. I always like to approach a topic and present it to the child in the same developmental language that they understand and speak.

The Big Deal or Little Deal Program is such an awesome tool for addressing the above concerns. Firstly, there is an interactive storybook, which makes learning so much fun, and not so personal. It is a non-threatening way of bringing up a sensitive topic. Further, I love the song. The rhythm and beats of music are such an important way of imprinting information into a child's mind. The program also has worksheets that bring a light and fun interactive way of learning these problem-solving skills. The posters are a fun way to have the children visually learn and understand when a problem should have a big or small reaction. It is important to always approach a behavioral deficit from many angles, this makes the ideas more tangible for the child that is struggling. This program does just that!

- Abby Fishman
Achievement In Motion

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ISBN: 9781598501438
Size: 8.5 x 11
Page Count: 28

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