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Teaching Career Essentials (with CD)
By: Lisa King
This book will provide you with ready-to-use lessons you can use to introduce children to the nuts and bolts of what they will need to succeed in their future careers. It starts by helping children learn about the 16 Career Clusters established by the US Department of Education. Then it focuses on four success skills that children can practice and use to help them succeed in school, and eventually in their career.
Included are 60 easy–to-use activity-based lessons that have been kid-tested and kid-approved. This resource will provide new and original activities/lessons on the essentials needed for career success, including:
· Career Exploration (Across the 16 Career Clusters)
· Work Ethic
· Self-Control
· Teamwork
· Organization
Included are teacher and student needs-assessments, poster ideas, games, worksheets, literature-links, ideas for Career Day and other engaging lessons that will help you teach life-success skills to your students. 
“Lisa King’s passion for teaching careers comes alive on the pages of her book! Her comprehensive and creative approach integrates needs assessments, parent communication, literature connections, and interactive learning activities to help students make the connection between school and the world of work. Her focus on teaching soft skills, such as work ethic, self-control, and teamwork will help build productive citizens and employees for the workforce.”  - Nicole Pfleger Weber (School Counselor of the Year 2012)

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