Grade Levels: K thru 6



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Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control PLUS The Amazing Remote Control Self-Regulation Program
By: Lori Ann Copeland

Best-selling book, Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control has been revised and expanded into a full-color, illustrated storybook and separate program guide - Purchase them together and SAVE!

NEW ADD-ON Available to this Amazing Program!

Now children can create their very own Amazing Remote Controls! The remote control serves as a great visual to remember the buttons and skills that Hunter teaches to become more successful.

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This is a unique approach to teaching children self-control whether or not they have ADHD. Once children read or hear Hunter's story, they can create their own "amazing remote controls." The companion guide with CD provides a series of 10 lesson topics with more than 50 activities and handouts to help children learn self-regulation and impulse control skills.

Remote control buttons include:

Channel Changer - Filtering out distractions
Pause - Stopping to think relax and create a plan
Fast Forward - Thinking before acting
Rewind - Shifting focus from past failure to future change
Slow Motion - Slowing down and managing stress
Coach - Problem solving
Zapper - Recognizing and rejecting negative thinking
Way to Go! - Using positive self-talk 

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