5 Pages

Grade Levels: PK thru 5

Size: 7 x 8.5

ISBN: 1889636509

Item #: MGSTRE

Price: $9.95

By: Robert Bowman

He is a rabbit who is truly unique. His neck is much much longer than other rabbits. Stretch is quite sad because he doesn't like being so different. So one day Stretch decides to go to the neck-barber for a hare-cut. The barber tries repeatedly to shorten Stretch's neck and finally gets it right. But soon Stretch discovers an ancient piece of wisdom...that we should learn to recognize and value the wonderful qualities that make each one of us unique and special.

Stretch can be used to help children learn about:

  • Personal Character
  • Diversity
  • Self-image
  • Social skills friendship and diversity
  • School success strategies
  • Character development


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