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Books listed have been reviewed by the NAPPP Professional Development Committee and approved by the Board of Directors as materials utilized in the peer field. Purchasing any of these resources from this site will help support NAPPP.




NAPPP Approved Title: Peer Helpers Pocket Book

This quick and easy-to-read guide for your middle and high school peer helpers contains everything they need.

NAPPP Approved Title: Peer Power Book 1 Workbook

With the Peer Power program, you will become an effective helper, someone who can work well with others, and you will be seen as a leader in your community.

NAPPP Approved Title: Skits, Raps, and Poems for the School Counselor

A variety of fun lessons with colorful reproducible pages that will brighten your students' day.

NAPPP Approved Title: Totika Game

Totika is a wood stacking game like no other! While trying to keep the stack from falling over players draw cards and answer questions to promote personal growth self-esteem and life skills.

NAPPP Approved Title: 201 Icebreakers

This book claims that it is the largest collection of icebreakers ever published.

NAPPP Approved Title: Teambuilding with Teens

The 36 hands-on activities in this book make learning about leadership meaningful and fun while building character.

NAPPP Approved Title: Activities That Teach

These activities focus on such things as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, goal setting, stress management, communication skills, self-esteem, and problem solving.

NAPPP Approved Title: Becoming a Friendly Helper

A Handbook for Student Facilitators

NAPPP Approved Title: Building Helping Interactive Bulletin Boards

The units of instruction parallel standard courses for teaching helping skills--a core character trait.

NAPPP Approved Title: Caring and Sharing

Becoming a Peer Facilitator


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