ASD / Aspergers
All Grade Levels
High on the Spectrum: Asperger's, High Functioning Autism, and Related Personalities

This guidebook is for educators helping young people with Asperger's maximize their strengths and manage weaknesses.

Grades K thru 12

Kids in the Syndrome Mix - 2nd Edition

This fully updated and expanded new edition incorporates DSM-5 changes and includes a revised chapter on the autism spectrum by Tony Atwood, explaining the new diagnostic criteria and the anticiGrades K thru 12


Teaching Social Skills to Youth with Mental Health Disorders

In this book, you'll find an introduction to the DSM-IV-TR and other mental health assessment and evaluation tools and how to individualize treatment plans while considering children's developmeGrades K thru 12


The Incredible 5-Point Scale

This book shows how to break down a given behavior and with the student's active participation develop a scale that identifies the problem and suggests alternative positive behaviors at each levGrades K thru 12


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