Friendship / Empathy
All Grade Levels
Girls Unlimited Curriculum

Six Life-Changing Lessons for Middle School Girls

Grades 5-8

Next Steps to Social Success

Learning the Skills for Continuing, Enhancing and Dealing with Challenges for Social Success

Grades K thru 6

The Drama Llama Activity Guide

12 Essential Lessons on Drama & Friendship

Grades 2-5

First Steps to Social Success

It is critically important that children learn fundamental social skills during their elementary school years.


Grades K-6

Teaching Children Empathy with CD

Each topic-related lesson includes five inviting worksheets that can be reproduced and used repeatedly with elementary school-aged students to teach and improve their understanding of empatGrades K thru 6


The Bucket Squad

Teaching Children Kindness, Appreciation and Positive Behavior Through Bucket Filling
Foreword by: Carol McCloud, Author of "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"Grades K-5


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