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Grade Levels: K-4

Size: 8.5 x 11

ISBN: 978-1-59850-216-9

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How Do I Stand In Your Shoes Lesson and Activity Guide
By: Susan DeBell
This companion guide to the book, How Do I Stand In Your Shoes? provides 20 lessons, activities and projects to teach empathy skills to young children. Children will enjoy the hands-on learning experiences which include art projects, writing activities, drama opportunities, and much more! Each activity uses language arts, fine arts and problem-solving as well as recall skills to teach children to be empathetic in a compassionate and entertaining way.
Although this guide is meant to be used in conjunction with the book, How Do I Stand In Your Shoes?, many of the activities do not require knowledge of the story itself.
Empathy is an important social skill and a known deterrent to bullying. Learning how to “stand in another person’s shoes” is an important tool to help make and keep friends and to be a more compassionate person.
20 Activity Sheets PLUS 7 Bonus Activities Included on the CD!
• Drawing Activities
• Finger Puppets
• Acting Activities
• Shoe Maze
• Empathy Coloring Sheet
• Design Your Own Empathy T-Shirt and Button
How Do I Stand In Your Shoes? Story Review Questions
• And much more!

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